URC: Urine Pretreatment

Workers at URC have evaluated a variety of methods for urine pretreatment to stabilize ammonia and to prevent microbial growth. Oxone, sulfuric acid, copper-chromium mixtures, quaternary amines and electrolytic methods have been investigated. A urine pretreatment mixer using Oxone and Sulfuric Acid which was delivered to Boeing is shown above.

More information is available in the following publications:

Colombo, G. V., Urine Pretreatment Mixer (UPM), Final Report NASA Contract NAS8-36526, October 1986.

Colombo, G. V. and Putnam, D.F., Removal of Contaminant Gases from an Electrolytic Urine Pretreatment Process, SAE Technical Paper Series No. 77-ENAs-61, presented at 7th Intersociety Conference on Environmental Systems, San Francisco, CA, July 1977.

Colombo, G. V. and Putnam, D.F., Electrolytic Pretreatment Unit Gaseous Effluent Conditioning, Final Report NASA Contract NAS9-14217, August 1976.

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